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September 01, 2021

Engage virtual and in-person audiences with Hubilo's mobile app

Hybrid events create additional complexity since both in-person and virtual attendees must be managed in order for an event to be successful. In this situation, a mobile app becomes vital in connecting online and offline audience data. It serves as the central 'knowledge hub’ for all ongoing activities, both in-person and online.

Hubilo’s event app enables you to address all these requirements and more, with:

  • Simple, Intuitive Navigation: With the minimalistic navigation on Hubilo’s mobile app, you empower event attendees to browse the whole event and join relevant sessions without getting lost. Your attendees can use the Happening Now section to identify ongoing sessions and join them with a simple click.
  • Smart Matchmaking + Networking: With the app, your in-person and virtual attendees can interact seamlessly through Chats, Meetings, and casual discussions in the Lounge. The Smart Matchmaking feature helps you drive meaningful engagement by matching relevant attendees with each other.
  • Audience engagement: You can help your virtual & in-person audience engage live & prioritize what's most important by activating levers provided by Hubilo’s virtual event app with live Chats, Polls, Q&A and the Leaderboard. 
  • Deeply Branded Experience: Use your brand colors and backgrounds throughout the app. Add sponsor visibility across the event using banners, logos and Booths to monetize the app.

  • Personalized Journeys: Attendees can add relevant sessions and discussions to their calendar, or block time for when they aren’t available. Organizers can segment both the in-person and virtual audience into groups to restrict the visibility of certain sections of the event to a limited set of people.

  • Easy Access to Event: With a custom mobile app, attendees can watch and participate from anywhere, even if they only want to attend a few sessions while on the move.

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August 17, 2021

Deliver immersive session experiences




Elevate your session experience with the upgraded Hubilo Broadcasting Studio (HBS).

Our powerful yet easy-to-use customization and broadcasting capabilities enable you to deliver unique and immersive session experiences every time.

  • Strengthen session branding with logos and background images.
  • Customize the overarching look and feel of your sessions by adding an overlay graphic. You can customize it based on your event theme or session topic.
  • Provide relevant on-screen information to your attendees with a static banner or make session announcements with a ticker/crawler banner.
  • Seamlessly share external videos with your attendees during a session by directly uploading them to the HBS for a better viewing experience. 
  • Control and highlight key aspects of your session, such as the presentation or the active speaker with additional stream layout controls.
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July 14, 2021

Reimagine the future of your events with Hubilo


Minimalist navigation, maximum engagement

Take attendee engagement at your event to the next level with the updated Hubilo platform!

The all-new streamlined UX ensures attendees can easily navigate your event without overwhelming themselves and can focus on what matters most to them during your event.

Ubiquitous global side panel

The ever-present Side Panel provides contextual information to attendees, therefore, enhancing engagement across the event sections. It does this so by:

  • Enabling audience interaction during sessions with features such as reactions and emojis.
  • Facilitating greater sponsor engagement in booths with chats, polls, and q&a’s.
  • Encouraging communication in rooms & lounges with chats, polls, and q&a functionalities.
  • Adding context to lounges and rooms with descriptions, and information about sponsors.
  • The Happening Now area shows live sessions, rooms, and lounges, making it easy to understand what's going on at the event, multitask, and participate in live segments.

Sleeker attendee experience

Our all-new intuitive design will make your attendees go gaga over your event.

  • Allow attendees to do more in their chat including express themselves more by sending emojis and scheduling a meeting right from their chat window.
  • Provide attendees a complete view of their event schedule (upcoming sessions/ meetings) and help them manage their availability.
  • Let attendees view all event sessions in one place, filter sessions of interest, and find other relevant sessions with the help of tags.
  • Encourages attendees to have informal interactions in our new welcoming lounge area. 
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June 15, 2021

Hubilo + Marketo


Seamlessly integrate and sync your Marketo and Hubilo accounts and get a single view of all your event, customer, and marketing data in one place. This not only saves a lot of time & effort for marketers and event organizers but also enables them to make informed decisions, run better campaigns, have better engagements, and maximize their ROI from events hosted on Hubilo.

  • Automatically push registrations and attendee data from multiple events you host on Hubilo to your Marketo account.
  • Manage your event registrations on your website of choice and automatically import event registration data captured on Marketo directly to Hubilo.
  • Synced event data on Marketo enables tailored pre, during, and post event messaging which further increases your engagements and conversions.
  • Get a single view of all your leads in one place and better understand your prospects & customers with more events they attend and more engagement you have with them.
  • Never worry about manually importing data between your Hubilo and Marketo accounts and leverage a wide range of functionalities Marketo offers on your event data.
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April 19, 2021

Hubilo + HubSpot


Seamlessly integrate with HubSpot and unlock valuable insights from your event data.

  • Automatically sync your event registration data (e.g. list of attendees, speakers, etc.) from Hubilo to your HubSpot account.
  • Easily choose which event data/ fields you want to sync to your HubSpot account.
  • Manage your attendee engagement and leads generated data from your event directly on HubSpot.
  • Unlocks valuable insights from your event data and easily demonstrates ROI for your event.
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April 12, 2021

Multi-Event Analytics


Multi-event analytics provides event organizers a complete picture of all their events in one place which in turn unlocks valuable insights and helps them make informed decisions.

  • Get a real-time view of all your events together, track all the event registrations, sessions being conducted, meetings scheduled, event sponsors & exhibitors, etc.
  • Get real-time insights on attendee engagement like how are they engaging, how are they interacting with exhibitors, how are they networking, etc.
  • Get real-time data on tickets being sold, revenue being generated, average revenue per attendee, country-wise revenue details and so much more.
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