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September 01, 2021

Engage virtual and in-person audiences with Hubilo's mobile app

Hybrid events create additional complexity since both in-person and virtual attendees must be managed in order for an event to be successful. In this situation, a mobile app becomes vital in connecting online and offline audience data. It serves as the central 'knowledge hub’ for all ongoing activities, both in-person and online.

Hubilo’s event app enables you to address all these requirements and more, with:

  • Simple, Intuitive Navigation: With the minimalistic navigation on Hubilo’s mobile app, you empower event attendees to browse the whole event and join relevant sessions without getting lost. Your attendees can use the Happening Now section to identify ongoing sessions and join them with a simple click.
  • Smart Matchmaking + Networking: With the app, your in-person and virtual attendees can interact seamlessly through Chats, Meetings, and casual discussions in the Lounge. The Smart Matchmaking feature helps you drive meaningful engagement by matching relevant attendees with each other.
  • Audience engagement: You can help your virtual & in-person audience engage live & prioritize what's most important by activating levers provided by Hubilo’s virtual event app with live Chats, Polls, Q&A and the Leaderboard. 
  • Deeply Branded Experience: Use your brand colors and backgrounds throughout the app. Add sponsor visibility across the event using banners, logos and Booths to monetize the app.

  • Personalized Journeys: Attendees can add relevant sessions and discussions to their calendar, or block time for when they aren’t available. Organizers can segment both the in-person and virtual audience into groups to restrict the visibility of certain sections of the event to a limited set of people.

  • Easy Access to Event: With a custom mobile app, attendees can watch and participate from anywhere, even if they only want to attend a few sessions while on the move.

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